Saturday, 28 July 2012

It's Time to Shine Your Light

Some of you are reading my blog. Some of you read his book. Big games need to take more responsibility, I decided it was time to shine a light inside.

I'm not special. You are the light shine.What are you going to grow as you are targeting? How other people are ignoring you and you do not know their own age. I think whatever age you are now. It's time to make some sort. Why is it important, and what is right?

Where you spend your time? It is mostly in front of television or the Internet? Other activities to escape? You need to escape, but it can be overdone. Every day you spend three hours in front of the TV, and he took one of the time devoted to something productive, if so, what could result? The following lines, written in an hour, art and creative expression through music and one hour, children or grandchildren, and one hour, your spouse or significant other with a one-hour talks, prayer and Note the use of a one-hour or an hour to build your business.

Who already are scheduled to cross back. Everything you best services you can offer? It costs time and energy is? Each activity is intended to support you? What are you able to separate us? What is really feed to feed, but, instead, why not? Do you want to go?

It's time to shine your light. This step is a time to listen. What are you doing here? People who own eyes a deep breath, a lawyer with a good attitude, take it, and says confidently. Decreases or does not play small. Do not try to scare or overwhelm. Speaking with authority.

Own light shine, which is not completely dead recently. His name was Stephen, 79 years old, he had a group. A bunch of bestseller, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has sold 20 million copies. Learning based on book publishing and has created an empire. Stephen did not die out. Head injuries, cracked, ribs and a partially collapsed lung - he died in a bicycle accident. He lost control of the downhill ride. Workshops on leadership and has influenced almost all the speeches, a group has proposed. His light will shine long after his death.

Someday you will not. How would your career be? Here, the world would be better? Your heart, or hand you have nowhere to go with natural gas and filled with despair die happy? How to stay current? We are secular and do not know the right time of death. Let us know the exact time of our lives. It is now! Now you stop complaining and complaining and you can choose to avoid. Imagine the joy and freedom to choose the light can shine.

You bless the people of the world, and if you do not know yet - if you know that it is intended.

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