Saturday, 30 June 2012

Discovering the Purpose of Our Lives

"You were born an original. Don't die a copy."
~John Mason

Unfortunately, life is a key reason that we are disappointed. I can hear it clearly. Or other part of life, in fact we often have an appetite for life. By instinct, we drink and jealousy. And we seem helpless against it.

However, the originality of the flow of our spirit with a chance to fight.

First, we must know the essence of originality. Then we discovered the barriers to have their approval.

Past studies

An individual, we became a nation.

We have to bear all things, we have established in the spirit of coexistence.

Because we bear the shame of what happened there is no foundation for a sustainable recovery. If we as a small builder, the construction of our childhood, our parents and guardians about the project was not part with. May depend on various elements of the play. The sense of shame among the healthiest upbringings anything: none of our parents fault that they were not perfect. In addition, we are born broken.

In order to achieve internal and disappeared there, if you accept that it is necessary to move forward relevant.

The financial success

Perhaps this exercise, we need to exercise regularly. Unique history and personality fit our definition of success is to create a great work. It is important that evidence is used to determine the behavior of

Who we are reviewing the essence of creativity, we accept, as we are, what we know is ideally placed.

Pick a good life is the goal of life. Are all the same tasks. We, or our goal to find that we are clear about who has endorsed. Our aim in the right side of the road when we are successful.


We are not carbon copies. All life is an occasion for a particular purpose.This is life!

I know that if we were successful? But we can conclude the answer.

But we can tell. All we can do.