Thursday, 26 July 2012

How God Arrested Me - A True Story on Salvation

God arrested me completely by surprise when I was connected. It is God that I did not come to mind.

You may have a similar situation. If you have not yet saved, you believe that God is behind you and you do not need. But you need to pay attention to this point, you will hear the phone to keep in mind.

B.Sc. from the University of Zimbabwe 1991 graduation. Honors degree in economics. That death was a new experience for me, but I do not mean good, when he passed the final exam and became more confident about it.

I'm in school because of failing to obtain housing Hatcliffe, Harare, I left him in second grade when I was borrowing will be used.

After completing my degree I will return to Hatcliffe. I had saved some money from his students may benefit. I am looking for a job, but it seemed to work was beyond me. I work at the beginning of the first quarter of 1992 in that I thought the situation turned out differently. I pay my rent or buy a point and when you can feed themselves. Students without lights and other sources of income I did not do was run.

Makaza nephew by the name was clever. After seeing my plight, he invited me to stay in place. They are with his family in the apartment when the lease Eastlea was horizontal. Semi-finished house to live in the building of two Kuwadzana has been selected.

There was no money. I did not have any food. I was lucky I got to stay free cash donation is considered unsuitable for the request. So I have decided to keep his silence.

It left me alive, and now I have the most to help feel grateful.

My experience has meant so much to me. Everything that happens in the life of man is thought to have any importance.

After receiving salvation. Honestly, why are you so naive to be considered. People used to worship God, I wonder why that is. I am a Christian I thought it was wrong. I did not believe in the existence of God. It fooled me.

Smart, frankly, this request was placed in a disadvantageous position. I just did not want to attend church. I do not there!

Went to the warehouse is being used, but already knew before empted. I will work with the church service that excuse does not work I still use a clever idea, but you can. I promise to use any other reason but that does nothing but sit down and I spent my days were fully aware of that.

If I have a solution. Church spent the day looking at my shadow, will be selected. But I had no choice. Under the smart, all they did for me was do not think we are. So I said yes. However, the way I just like the "right". Imagine that.

Next Sunday at the church as smart. It was during the third quarter of 1992. Service was held at Hatfield. Great service, I can see or hear anything from. After church we went our separate ways.

"What else?" I quietly complained. I began to wonder what it wisely. To interfere in the peace began to develop a passion to think. But I accompany him. Up. I have a choice? No, I do not know what.

Something amazing happened to me during the service will be. I like the service, and neither has seen or heard anything unusual.

God works in amazing ways. If you read my story, you shone carefully what happens to me is of landowners, construction was the climax. It comes from listening to the message of faith is true.

God can speak with you. Listening to them is to provide the time you need to do this. You either Christian or non-Christians, by God's Word is relevant to their situation.

I sat down and listened. As I said, God had me arrested. I'm happy to be in jail right now. I want to get out of jail? No! In order to stay within, but not my cup of my freedom, but do not want an independent himself. My spelling, but this kind of freedom as the freedom of spiritual death is the meaning of life forever.

God bless you!

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