Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Learned Helplessness - Can You Fix It?

Suiteo learned helplessness that life skills can prevent you from achieving. You may not even realize what the problem is.

In the 50s I got back this morning I read about their experiences. Some of the dogs is a floor and put them in a cage as a means of delivering a mild electric shock is possible. Cage was a switch. When this switch is pressed, an effect has been closed. Cage effect in the dog soon learns to stop.

A dog used to a different cage so there was no way to avoid an attack was happening.

Save half of the second floor and used a randomized, has a mild electric shock, a half-cage was placed in the bottom part. Low barrier separating the two halves. Dogs learn very quickly switch to use and jump over obstacles remain safe.How can I force it to face trial, a very short space of time is learned.

Environment while maintaining a certain way you can feel it.Some will cause more stress. However, the normal switch operation for animals is difficult to move, but the curiosity and desire for self-protection is still active.

This is a very simple, but does not correlate human behavior. Depression, anxiety, uncontrollable stress learned that all results are attached.can be impossible.

But nothing's changed.

People get upset when things go wrong, there is a tendency to blame themselves. Loss was the death of another teacher, so students are not anywhere near where you will see a failed test can be their fault. Learn about depression, helplessness, because it's a great length of time due to the recent trend as a way to control your emotions are not allowed. You always feel better because less energy is not a motivation and drive, if life does not work. It was even worse when you give. However, because you lose, it's a solution that is easy to maintain looks.

Learned helplessness that you are in a state of despair is not required. You need to have dreams, life circumstances or things that he has solved once and for text recognition can not afford.

I leave this state in a simple way to start.

It is learned behavior, then you still have the ability to learn new behaviors. I believe the lack of encouragement from your account if you do something really different is not easy and should not be any harm in it.

All you have to do is be able to control their own destiny because it is rediscovered.

The easiest way to choose which one is easy.

Choose things that you laugh instead of cry, you look for something on TV,

Each book is inspired by the author chose to read the sentence.

Select to tea or coffee.are white, if you want your sugar, without sugar if you want black, so please when there

Sun or rain for a walk to choose.

Stop reading this and choose instead to more interesting things.

A simple choice.

All you have to select any one day are aware of. Each time an option is already selected. This is not a choice because it is not.

Small jobs can complete their sets. So you can enjoy a little success, to create an easy task. Even with a good sense, and again a little success, the more loyal you are happy living the way.

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