Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Resiliency: A Radical Redefining For Turbulent Times

Consider the events of 10 years

Unexpected results and the stock market gyrates heartburning. Strong corporate balance sheets and straw figures before the icons. Yards in front of them and have a worldwide network of terrorists spiral child is abducted. El NiƱo is a strange fish from the coast of California, while religious institutions cast a shadow of a duality. Fire to digest Texas, Colorado outside the control of large swaths. But through the Midwest and Southern tornadoes. the northeastern part of Japan tsunami devastates coastal apocalyptic proportions.

It is all the universe, "standing like a deer in headlights meombeuleuro," one always "a falling, or in the spring should be sufficient to generate a different behavior, the latter can be repaired knee, but is often in the past, our snob reaction-based has the problem is that it does not look like it's haunted.

Whether you have a Fortune 100 company, is dominated by small regional or enterprise - whether you want to reinvent your career, launching new products, or defraud the parent and the child's age, demand, elasticity elasticity radical ability was more important than ever.

First term is defined.

Dictionary definition is discarded. 1824 Webster, "especially the size and shape of the body's ability to recover due to the compressive stress and strain, tense," he defines the elasticity of the human system, he praised or metal work for an organization's ability to define. This definition defines the two words gives rise to the popularity of "return."

No! No! Ever! Feel comfortable going back to its original state, but individuals and organizations may be denied the chance to develop. In a world of constantly changing old habits, old structures, and returning to the old behavior may be the opposite in fact productive.

Second, the Webster's definition of stress, time or crisis situation that requires a lot of flexibility in the means. It is not.

Now throw the word "fundamentalists" means "high" resiliency when you are ready to change all that remain in a right means that the course is unknown courage, patience and means.

Other: To develop adaptability skills.


Adaptability requires a general knowledge challenge. Important question: Why? What if? Who said so?

For example, years ago, a comprehensive report for up to three months were distributed widely throughout the day Ameritech employees. The next question, "Why are we?" "Who reads it?" He was just a few pages and read, he has found something.

Blind spots of our personal and professional, we want to find my own courage comes into play when. We are humans and humans may be important considerations do not want to hear. I'm seeing eye dog to find the leaders recommended. In a nutshell, a guide dog will really see what is happening. All organizations on the ground, people, what is happening "reference" person. Unfortunately, you can remove the request input from management should be considered. Only one week's season will tell the operator of the plant retired.

However, the company decided to remove the bomeulreul while at the same time, the total length is now selling bottled water. It is reframing.

Pauline, her husband, Bill, brilliant only in nuclear physics, the ravages of Alzheimer's disease may be due to loss of economic penalties. Pauline, "At least he and his shining spirit of peace, and researchers can provide some clues." Commented Reframing.

Adaptability is about thoughts and feelings. Agility, on the other hand, is about action and movement.

The third is to develop agility skills.

Agility is the ability to move easily and quickly. Two nimbleness, flexibility, speed means. These multiple functions to create a mental thing. It is one thing to move forward. This behavior is an antidote to anxiety.

The truck is to move wisely. It may take a longer analysis paralysis. Instead, the strong personal and organizational data, small steps can be performed. Take action appropriate feedback. Take risks and act, and the results were shared desire to focus on compensation.

Action is also reported physical activity. In other words, pay attention in the human body. The increasing demand in the interest of exercise, sleep, nutrition challenges and opportunities. Sometimes, they can take a big step backs. Fresh mind and a good opportunity for creativity and innovation.

Sometimes, when faced with feelings of powerlessness, a sense of some of these controls can be very useful. Another company caught in the grip of the recession, workers cut costs without cutting the number of people together to learn how to . Part-time employees from any funds in order to volunteer you can continue to work with them.

Fourth: to develop technologies capable of laughter.

Victor Borge "two minimum distance between people is a smile." This is the minimum distance of the brain and body. In fact, a sense of humor and playfulness of creativity you can find the ability to make improvements. Of course, separated from a common, serious and laugh a little.

In Chile the memory of the destruction. Against all odds, they were stored adaptability (a more professional and a lot of precautions to hear) and agility answer was I when I had my camera miners visit to his "home", they card and meeting performance showing the location of the table. Fitting was reduced to playing the national anthem of the heartfelt video of a man who is locked up.

Laughter is the ability to play inside. It uses a non-threatening way, and soon is some humor and funny old game.

"Sport is a celebration of possibilities" - Martin Buber.

Fifth: the sort of technology development.

In a remote part of western India in 2008 and the town to visit an ancient monastery, the Himalayas and trekked.

Depending on the needs of human beings, seohapnida. Victor Frankl said, "we can do it, some people even living things." Flexible people and people who will be more. Alignment guide adaptability.

Sixth: looking energizes.

Finally, his expertise is the current flowing through the human energy. Energy efficiency and the possibility of a connection that triggered even more meaningful catalyst for growth is the result of the speed. Think about it as it is across the four skills as a result of energy weaves, and received the maximum energy of the DNA molecule is generated.

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